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Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz 2022 (What is Quiz, Eligibility, How to Apply, Registration, Prize Money, Exam, Time, Last Date, Quiz Questions, Answers, How to Prepare for Exam, Test) Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz ( Quiz, questions, answer, exam, registration, how to apply, answer sheet, exam date, last date, prize, list)

what is the quiz

Quiz is a kind of game in which you are asked different types of questions. Like if you are playing for this Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz then you will be asked some questions related to that. For which you will also be given many options for the answer. Out of which you have to select an option. If you choose right then you will advance in this game. If the answer is wrong, you will be disqualified.

sabka vikas maha quiz

Eligibility for Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz Eligibility

• For this you have to be a resident of India, only then you can apply for it.

• In this, you can apply only on the basis of age fixed by the government.

• The government has ensured that only those who qualify in the first part will be given a chance to move forward.

• For this you must have the necessary documents demanded by the government.

• The game will be displayed in 12 languages. So people from every corner of the country can participate in it.

How to Apply for Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz ( How to Apply)

• If you have to apply for this, then first of all you go to the government-issued website.

• On this website you will find a link. Which you have to login. Only after that you will be able to reach the home page.

• As soon as you reach the home page, you will see the option of Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz.

• You have to click on this option given on the website. After that the application will be made.

• You will be asked many details on the application form. Which you have to fill correctly.

• As soon as you fill in all the required information. Documents option will appear in front of you. You will have to attach all the documents asked for there and submit the form.

• In this way you can apply, and participate in this quiz.

For Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz Prize Money ( Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz Winning Prize)

One price money has been fixed for this quiz. That price money is 20 lakh rupees. Whoever wins this game will be called entitled to it.

How to appear for Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz (Exam Pattern)

• For this you will be given a paper on the website. Which you have to fill.

• Many types of questions will be asked in it. In which there will be some questions of development. You have to answer that.

, When you clear that paper, you will have to give another paper again. But if it is not cleared then you will be thrown out from there.

• Keep this in mind whichever language you choose. It will also be mandatory to give the paper in the same language.

Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz Date, Time ( Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz Last Date, Duration)

• This quiz was started on 14th April 2022. which is still ongoing.

• 300 seconds will be given to play its game. In which you have to answer 20 questions.

• If you can answer the questions within the time limit, you will move ahead.

• For this you have been given only one medium, that is online, so you have to play this game online only.

What type of questions are asked in Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz ( Question Pattern)

• In this you are asked questions related to the development of the country. In which many states will be connected.

• Questions will also be asked about how you can participate in that development.

• Questions related to what kind of development is necessary in different states can also be asked to you.

• Which development schemes have been started by the central government and with how much progress their work is going on.

• If we think about any development, then how much will have to be invested in it. So that people can get its benefit.

How to prepare for Sabka Vikas Maha Quiz ( How to Prepare)

• For this, if you want, you can get the necessary information by visiting on this website.

• This is a website where you can easily get answers to all the questions related to development.

• In this you will also get to know what kind of development is taking place and how much contribution is being made in it.

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