Harsidhi mani status #harsiddhimata दिव्य darshan #shorts

शक्तिपीठ मां हरसिद्धि के आज के दिव्य दर्शन

Harsidhi mani status #harsiddhimata दिव्य darshan #shorts

Harsiddhi harsiddhi maa aarti

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Bhasmarti Early Morning -4:30am To 6:00am

Baalbhog Morning Pooja -7:30am To 8:00am

Mahabhog Pooja -10:30 am To_11:00am

Evening Pooja -5:00pm To 6:00pm

Evening Aarti- 6:30pm To 7:00pm

Shayan Aarti -10:30pm To 11:00pm

Temple Closing Time 11:00pm

श्री महाकालेश्वर आरती दर्शन समय तालिका

भस्मार्ती प्रात: -4:30पूर्वाह्न से 6:00पूर्वाह्न बजे तक

बालभोग प्रात: – पूजा 7:30पूर्वाह्न से 8:00पूर्वाह्न बजे_तक

महाभोग प्रात: पूजा 10:30पूर्वाह्न से 11:00पूर्वाह्न बजे तक

संध्या पूजा 5:00अपराह्न से 6:00अपराह्न बजे तक

संध्या आरती 6:30अपराह्न से 7:00अपराह्न बजे तक

शयन आरती 10:30अपराह्न से 11:00अपराह्न बजे तक

मंदिर बंद समय 11:00 बजे

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Is online booking mandatory for Mahakaleshwar Temple?
Due to corona infection, different rules have been made for devotees visiting the Mahakaleshwar temple. Under which online booking was made mandatory a day in advance.

What is general darshan ticket in mahakaleshwar?
General Darshan and Paid Darshan:

In the case of paid darshan, the minimum price for the darshan is INR 151.00, and the mode of payment is over the credit card, net banking, or debit card. The number of Online Darshan ticket bookings per slot is not more than Five

How much time does it take for darshan in mahakaleshwar?
For regular darshan it could be 15mins to 1.5 hrs depending on the day you go. Try avoiding rush days such as Monday or Amavasya etc where ppl go for Poojas and rush time. We went on a Saturday morning at 9am and could get Darshan in under 30 Mins.

Is Mahakaleshwar Mandir open today?
Mahakaleshwar Temple Darshan Timings

The temple is open from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. During this period, the temple also performs different rituals. Devotees can participate in various rituals, such as aarti in the morning, midday, and evening

How can I go to mahakal Ujjain?
How to Reach
By Air: The nearest airport to reach Ujjain is at Indore, which has a number of flights that connects the city to Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bhopal, and Ahmadabad. …
By Rail: The nearest railway station is Ujjain Railway Station, which is around 1km from the city centre.

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