Date Time
June 11, 2017 10:00 am


Location: Flamingo Park

Alton Road and 11th Street, Miami Beach FL 33139

Welcome to the 1st One Wall Florida-#sflgotnxt open mix double

Entry fee:
A- players (man) 30$
B- players ( man) 25 $

A- player (female) 25$
B player ( female) 20$

Its gonna be a full weekend of southern handball fun.
Come join us in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida as we get set to host on
June 10th the 1st One Wall Florida open singles in the Historic Hollywood Beach handball courts then on June 11th at the famous Flamingo park in Miami we get to host the 1st One Wall Florida open mix doubles.

One NY female or male teaming up with one NY or female from Florida..

Should be a great time as we always do here in the south..

Prizes are determine on entries
1st cash + 🏆
2nd cash + 🏆
3rd get their entry fee back + 🏆

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